Indian Association Oldham



Day : Wednesday
Time: 6:30-8:00pm

Shakha Shakha is a weekly group where youth and adults come together to participate in activities such as yoga, games, and discussions centred on Hindu culture and philosophy. The activities help to cultivate key skills such as leadership, communication, team working and public speaking. Shakha develops the notion to respect the environment, the community and understand how we fit in a multi-cultured world whilst maintaining our identity. Regular activities Sarasvati Puja for Children – A puja for all children to take part in praying to Goddess Sarasvati (Goddess of knowledge) to bless school books and instruments to help guide children in their educational pursuits. (February/March) Summer Playscheme – A week-long play scheme ran during summer filled with plenty of games, arts and crafts and a day out. For children aged 5-11. (July/August) Cycle4Sewa – Cycle4Sewa has officially been running in the North West since 2014. Families take part in cycling around a track to help raise funds for Sewa projects around the world. The event also happens in the Midlands and in the south of England. (September) – Sewa Day – Sewa Day is an international event that encourages people to give their time and energy toward a service project. Projects such as a collection for the homeless and cleaning your neighbourhood. (October)

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